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In Home Services

In Home Services

Home Delivered Meals

A nutritious noon meal is provided to functionally disabled, home-bound or convalescent people age 60 and over who are unable to prepare a meal. The meals are delivered by volunteers in the Biglerville, Gettysburg, McSherrystown, Littlestown and York Springs areas. Delivery time is between 10:30 AM to 12:30 P.M. In Gettysburg, Littlestown and McSherrystown, meals are delivered Monday through Friday. In Biglerville and York Springs, daily delivery is Monday through Thursday with a frozen meal being provided for Friday. There is no holiday delivery, but frozen meals are delivered in advance of each holiday.

Meals are normally delivered within a specific geographic area surrounding each center. Meals may also be picked up by caregivers at any of the seven senior centers for the home-bound individuals who live outside the delivery area. Pick-up times for the meals vary at each center. Each center must be contacted to arrange for a meal to be picked up and for the time for pick-up.

For people who live outside the delivery area, boxes of frozen meals may be available.

In addition, independent Meals-on-Wheels programs operate in other areas of Adams County including Fairfield and New Oxford.

Personal Care Services

The goal of the Personal Care Program is to provide assistance to individuals who are unable to complete their own bathing, dressing and grooming.

Personal Care may also include feeding, toileting, and transfer. Meal planning and/or preparation may also be included as a Personal Care service although the preferred means of intervention is a home delivered meal. Housekeeping–only services are not performed as part of Personal Care.

Personal Care service is generally provided two to three days per week depending on the level of care needed. Adams County Office for Aging, Inc. subcontracts with several home health agencies to provide personal care service.

Caregiver Support Program

The goal of the respite program is to provide relief for a consumer’s primary caregiver. This program provides an individual to stay with the consumer for a period of time thus relieving the caregiver so they can engage in other activities.

A consumer’s eligibility for this service is determined by the consumer’s medical need, formal and informal support system and their financial status. The number of respite hours needed by each consumer is determined during the assessment process.


Lifeline Personal Emergency Response System

Lifeline is a personal emergency response system designed to help people live independently. The Lifeline system provides 24 hour monitoring by trained personnel. The system installation requires a modular phone jack, a nearby electrical outlet and a private phone line. Also required are the phone numbers of at least two persons who can be contacted to check on the individual.

In an emergency, the subscriber pushes a help button located on a necklace, wrist band or on the unit itself. This activates the Lifeline Communicator to dial the phone number for the monitoring center at Lifeline Central in Massachusetts. When the monitoring center receives the help needed signal from the subscriber, they will attempt to call the subscriber. If there is no answer, a responder listed on a Subscriber Information Card will be called. An ambulance will be dispatched if no responder can be reached.

An optional feature of the Lifeline is an Inactivity Timer that must be reset daily. If the machine is not reset by someone in the home, it signals the monitoring center who will then call a responder to check on the subscriber’s safety.

Eligibility for units is based on a priority system. Priorities considered include medical history, isolation, functional ability, a history of falling, and income level.

Protective Services

Each year older persons are abused, neglected and exploited by family members and others. Any person age 60 or over who is an Adams County resident and a victim of abuse, neglect, exploitation or abandonment may be referred for a Protective Services assessment. A staff person is on call 24 hours a day to receive and investigate Protective Service reports. Confidentiality is assured for those who report the need for an investigation.

A staff person will visit the older person and conduct an investigation. If abuse has occurred, steps will be taken to protect the victim, stop the abuse and prevent it from happening again. Reports of abuse can be made by calling 717-334-9296 or 800-548-3240.