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The Adams County Office For Aging relies on the time and dedication of our incredible volunteers to function at full capacity. We have a wide array of volunteer opportunities, ranging from occasional to more serious time commitments. Read more about how you can help below.

Daily Hot Meal Delivery

Volunteers are needed to transport hot, nutritious meals to functionally disabled, home-bound, or convalescent people age 60+. A commitment of one day a week and access to transportation is required. The delivery process takes about one hour. In addition to providing a hot lunch, volunteers also serve as a daily check-in for people who live alone. For many participants, the volunteer is the only visitor they will have all day.

Contact ACOFA today to volunteer for daily meal deliveries.

Frozen Meal Delivery

Volunteers transport bulk deliveries of 10 or 20 frozen meals to home-bound clients who live outside the service delivery areas for daily home-delivered meals. A typical time commitment is one or two delivery trips each month. Meals are picked up at ACOFA in Gettysburg and taken to consumers in rural Adams County areas.

Interested in delivering frozen meals? Contact ACOFA today.

Assisting at Senior Centers

This volunteer service can include serving meals, playing games, leading crafts, art, music, or presenting a travel or informational program. Volunteers are also needed to fill in for the Site Manager of the center when that person needs a day off. There are senior centers located in Adams County offering activities, exercise, trips, speakers, hot noon meals, and much more.

Visit our contact page for more information on each of our locations and to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Pennsylvania Medicare Education and Decision Insight (PA MEDI)

Trained volunteers provide information and assistance with questions about insurance programs including Medicare, Medicaid, Supplemental Insurance, PACE, and other prescription programs. Volunteers also provide counseling to help Medicare beneficiaries learn about their options when choosing a supplemental or Medicare Advantage Plan.  Volunteers must complete 10 online modules, three days of state-sponsored training, and a final test in order to be certified as Pennsylvania Medicare Education and Decision Insight (PA MEDI) counselors. A time commitment of 3 hours 1-2 days/month is required.

For more information on becoming a certified Pennsylvania Medicare Education and Decision Insight (PA MEDI) counselor and volunteering for this program, contact ACOFA today.

Tax Assistance

Volunteers complete local, state, and federal income tax forms for people age 60+ at no charge. Training is required. Volunteer commitment is during tax season from February to mid-April.

Contact ACOFA today to learn more.

Chore Service

Volunteers perform minor home repair work and outdoor yard work through Chore Service. Tasks the volunteers can perform may include:

  • Minor carpentry
  • Installation of grab bars
  • Other small repairs for the safe upkeep of the home
  • Help with raking leaves, pulling weeds, etc.

Chore Service does not include:

  • Major housing repairs
  • Plumbing or electrical services
  • Services that are primarily for home beautification purposes or the consumer’s convenience

Contact ACOFA today if you are interested in assisting with chore services. 


Volunteers are trained to serve as impartial representatives or advocates who assist in investigations. These cases involve issues of concern (or grievances) made by or for seniors who are residents of long-term care facilities or consumers of in-home services. The Ombudsman will investigate complaints regarding care or services which may adversely affect the health, safety, welfare, or rights of an older person.

Reach out to ACOFA for more information or to sign up today.

Board of Directors and Advisory Council

The Adams County Office for Aging is governed by a 15-member Board of Directors. These individuals are appointed to a three-year term and may be re-appointed to an additional three-year term. The Board meets monthly, on the fourth Thursday of the month at the ACOFA building in Gettysburg. Each Board member is appointed to serve on at least one committee and most Board work is done through committees.

The Citizens Advisory Council is a group of 19 people, appointed by the Board, who meet monthly to give advice on programs and services for the older population of Adams County. Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month, usually at the ACOFA building in Gettysburg.

Contact ACOFA today if you would like to get involved with either of these two groups.

Ways to Help

Are you strapped for time and unable to volunteer? There are other ways to help older Adams County residents. Please consider making a charitable contribution towards our funding – every bit counts. 

"I appreciate the kindness and friendliness of the volunteers who bring my meals. This is a wonderful service."

– Marie H.